Atlanta Plaque Art                     

    Plaque Art beats Framing!            
       Less Expensive
       Lighter Weight 
       More Durable
       UV Protective

       Wall Art
       Diplomas and Certificates
       Children's Art
       Custom Products - mirrors, clocks, etc.
       Original documents or maps

       Use your imagination!


Find your inner artist - we can show you how!
We create hangable art from your printed materials.

         3/8" Art Plaque with black edge trim, no border or pinstripe

           3/8" Art Plaque with gold edge trim, black border, gold pinstripe

           3/8" Art Plaque black edge trim, grey border, no pinstripe

           7/8" Gallery Plaque with blk edge trim, cream border, no pinstripe

       7/8" Gallery Plaque, white edge trim, black border and white pinstripe    
7/8" Art Gallery Plaque with dark green edge trim, no border or pinstripe


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